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Spring and Summer shows!

Ok, the Specifics will be rocking until they're tired at the following places:

Place: Wholy Grounds/Olive Branch 2
Time: May 22nd (Saturday) around 8 o' clock, depending on whether there are opening acts
Anyone else playing? maybe, we'll have to find someone.
This lovely venue was the location for 3 of our shows (two of which before we had our current band name), so a few of you might have been there before. Here is the address for those who haven't:
303 N. Main Street
Weatherford, Tx.
(817) 598-1771 or
(817) 599-7966

Place: Ponder Frontier Days Cook-off
Time: June 4th (Friday) around 8 o'clock
Anyone else playing? as I understand, there will be country music cd's whenever we're not playing
This gig takes place in the small town of Ponder, at The Realty Team parking lot, which is also known as "The Red Caboose" as I understand. I haven't been out there myself so I don't know where anything is at this time. However, the cook-off will be advertised in the Ponder paper, the Justin paper, and the Denton Chronicle (our names will be in there too, woot!)
As the crowd will primarily country-oriented in musical tastes, we need you to bring yourself and plenty of friends so that we're not BBQ'ed alive for not playing any Willie Nelson or George Strait.
To confirm: Yes there will be food! If you come rock with us you will be fed!

Also, tentative dates are set for June 26th and July 4th at Wholy Grounds/Olive Branch 2 and Justin's family's yearly get-together respectively. Details on these will be posted the minute I know them. Hope to see you there!
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