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Suggest-A-Song unveiled!

Well we, The Specifics, have decided that we have way too much spare time on our hands. In an effort to sharpen our ability to write songs spontaneously, we have decided to do the exact opposite of Songfight. On our website, instead of providing you with a title to turn into a song, we're having you provide us with a title for which we will make a song. We're keeping the one-week thing going, however, again in an effort to kill ourselves. So here's what you do! Just e-mail with your title or list of titles. The one we like will be written that week, and if there are a bunch of other good ones, we'll use those as well. Though there's no huge cash prize or car to win if your title is the best, you can always brag to your mom that you were instrumental in creating a The Specifics' song.
One last thing, as the primary song-writer I have to tell you that I don't like to use cuss words or obvious sexual reference in the text of my songs, so any suggestions that contain either of the two will be pretty much not used. Go ahead and suggest them anyway, because I need a good laugh. Ok, get to rock-titling!
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